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I specialize in logo design and corporate identity collaterals.

The day I graduated from the School of Visual Arts and was awarded the highest honors of the graduating class, that was my aha moment and when I decided to dedicate myself to art.

After obtaining a bachelor degree at Pratt Institute in New York, I have had the satisfaction to learn of the varied branches of the art. I started as a graphic Illustrator; then I worked as an editorial illustrator for newspapers, magazines, and books. Later I went to work in graphic design in several advertising agencies.

Various logos by Montes Design

Since 1994 I have worked on my own from my studio focusing on the corporate image design of Institutions and businesses. Did I mention that I am a painter too? Well, here I invite you to see the result of all that experience in my favorite design projects.


Meet the one who coordinates the design work.

I also want to introduce you to my sister Tere. She is the project manager and coordinates all the necessary functions to turn the ideas of the creative group into a reality that fully meets your expectations. She is also in charge of the social networks.

Tere Montes picture